About Us

AHAPA is a non-profit voluntary association of individuals that represent and protect the 
general and professional interests of Hearing Aid Practitioners and the Hearing Aid Practitioner Profession in the Province of Alberta.  

The current Board is comprised of: 

  • President: Tannis Johnson
  • Vice President: < Currently Empty >
  • Secretary: Gabrielle Silberman
  • Treasurer: Rachele Ehrman
  • Candice Boldt-Elliott: Councillor at Large
  • Paul Tait:  Counsellor at Large

The Association works to: 

  • Provide ongoing educational opportunities for our members
  • Advocate and negotiate on behalf of our members with third parties involved in the Hearing Healthcare process
  • Advance Hearing Healthcare information to the public


Our Goals

  1. Professional recognition among public and medical professionals.  Develop a shared understanding of the profession of Hearing Aid Practitioners.  Make it visible, respected, acknowledged, and rewarded. Making known to the general public the value and importance of work they provide to the public.
  2. Participation in the development and implementation of training and professional development programs for hearing aids practitioners.
  3. Assistance in organizing professional certification, training, advanced training and ensuring the professional growth of the members of the Association.
  4. Coordinating opportunities for communication and networking among hearing aid practitioners and others interested in hearing care.
  5. Immediate access to any developments that affect the industry via newsletters, email updates, and other informative resources
  • The Association will develop its own website and will not use the existing website currently utilized by the College.
  • Membership fees will be used to generate revenue for ongoing expenses and operating costs.
  • Annual membership updates will be posted on the association website in lieu of AGMs.


To provide support and resources for Hearing Aid Practitioners in Alberta.

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